Views from the 13 Floor

This is a book filled with both inspiration and practical lessons drawn from real-life experience, shared woman-to-woman in a career mentoring relationship.
Author Alexia Isaak’s achievement here is remarkable: the book itself embodies major themes of her mentor’s lessons by – paying it forward – to you! As you’ll see, her mentor Rhonda Shasteen, former Chief Marketing Officer at Mary Kay, Inc., observes that many of the lessons she shared took on greater meaning and importance when re-examined with the benefit of experience.
In these pages, Isaak in turn reviews those lessons and provides her own reflections on their application to her career and life. What emerges are:
-Dozens of useful ideas for mapping your own career,
wonderful insights into how women successfully navigate the business world, and
-A guidebook for finding your own mentor and maximizing the value of the relationship to both of you.
Isaak and Shasteen join in the hope that after sharing in their relationship, you’ll take full advantage of that last one.

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Author: Alexia Isaak

Up Coming Novel : Tango on the Heart

In 1923 Argentina, a tango dancer living on her family’s estancia outside of Buenos Aires is oppressed by a family legacy that left her in an arranged marriage to the neighboring rancher’s son; however, no one knows she was molested by her betrothed’s father as a child making her both fear and despise their family. Her only desire is to escape the marriage. She discovers a way out of her trap through the love of a Greek merchant marine that jumps ship to be a gaucho on her family’s ranch only to discover threats and abuse to them both from her betrothed. When attacked by her molester, she finds the will and way to fight back, win, and escape with her true love.