Alexia and her Background

Alexia was born and raised in Greenwood, Mississippi to Greek parents. She grew up in the restaurant business where she developed a love for the culinary arts.

At a young age she discovered she had a voice and pursued vocal performance throughout her college years. She graduated from Interlochen Arts Academy and Carnegie Mellon University in vocal performance. Later,she completed her Masters in Business Administration from the University of Texas at Dallas.

Alexia and Rhonda Shasteen

As young professional, Alexía’s passion for personal development led her to seek a mentor. She found that need met through Rhonda Shasteen, the Chief marketing Officer (retired), at Mary Kay Cosmetics. As a result, Rhonda’s guidance led Alexía to compile Rhonda’s wisdom in a book to share with others. This prompted the start of Alexía’s writing career, and in November of 2010, Alexia published Views from the 13th Floor: Conversations with My Mentor. Since the publication of her book, Alexía has also penned a life coaching and personal development blog.


Additionally, Alexía has practiced Ashtanga yoga since 2006 and completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training certification in 2014 with Andrew Eppler. Alexia has studied with Andrew, among other American Ashtanga icons including David Williams. Alexía is fluent in both the Patabi Jois and B.N.S. Iyengar methods. She enjoys practicing and sharing the benefits of yoga, pranayama and meditation.

Alexia Today

Today, Alexía’s resides in Dallas, Texas. Her other passions include creating in the kitchen, Argentine tango, being in nature and foreign languages. She speaks French and Greek in addition to English and constantly looks for the next opportunity to continue to grow.

Ketogenic Dieting and Keto Recipes

In late 2016, Alexia started a ketogenic diet to improve her health. it’s changed her health completely. So, now she’s combining her passion for cooking with her new diet to share the best of her families recipes converted to a ketogenic diet. Now she wants to share these recipes with you so you can improve your health, too.

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